Custom domain setup

If you own a domain name, use the instructions below to connect it to Visura. If you need a new domain, we recommending using Prime Accounts come with a 1-year registration.

If you’re using
– On the Hover Dashboard, click Connect, then select Visura.
– On the Visura, add your Custom Domain in site settings (here).

Do it yourself:

Step 1: Add your domain to your site settings page (here).
Step 2:
Add the following DNS Records.
Note: This may take over 1 hour to propagate

@  A
www  CNAME

*No not use Forwarding or Frame Forwarding. Use DNS Records only.
*For a security certificate ( https): please visit
*DNS changes can take between 1 minute and a few hours to update.

Or, let us do it for you:

Step 1: Create a Support Ticket with Visura
Step 2: Include the login credentials to the website where your DNS is hosted, this is typically where you purchased your domain name. We encourage you to set a temporary password for this job.

Include the following information:
• Login URL
• Username
• Password
• Domain (



Network Solutions

*If your host is not in the list above, try Googling: “[your DNS host’s name] create cname” ex. BlueHost create cname

**Note on DNS Nameservers: Nameservers allow you to register a domain with one company, and use another company to forward your DNS. For example, if your old website host required you to use their nameservers, you will need to change this setting back to your registrar’s nameservers for the cname instructions above to work.


You will need to have your domain registered with a company that is not a dedicated website provider, like Squarespace, as they typically do not offer DNS forwarding. We recommend registering with or Godaddy, DreamHost, 1&1, MediaTemple, BlueHost, and Network Solutions (and most other major hosts) do offer the DNS forwarding needed.


Do not use the forwarding options like masked forwarding or clocked forwarding. Only use the DNS records as described above.