Pro Tip: Google Search Results


  • Relevant text and images on your homepage.
  • Lots of related content on other pages. Text is key.
  • Links to your website from relevant and popular sites.

Deep Dive

Text is key, especially on your homepage. If you're trying to get your website to display for a keyword like "Portrait photographer in [Your city here]" It's important to have clear sections, each with a "Heading" followed by "Body" text. Include relevant information. Using Visura Blog feature is also a great way to include articles about your process and services. Google loves content like this.

We recommend using the Custom Page templates to create a homepage with images at the top and lots of text about your services below that.

Get Noticed 

Perhaps one of the most important elements is to get large websites and blogs that write about portraiture or photographer in your area to have a link on their site that goes to your site. This is typically due to an article or just a listing with some text about the service. This is key and takes some work to accomplish.

It Takes Time 

Google search results for a location or common keyword often take months to build up so you have to give it time. Remember, you are competing for links and quality of content with the other websites that rank on the first page for the search result of your choice.

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