Custom domain setup

If you own a domain name, use the instructions below to connect it to Visura. If you need a new domain, we recommend using Prime Accounts come with a 1-year registration.

If you’re using
– On the Hover Dashboard, click Connect, then select Visura.
– On the Visura Site Builder, click Settings, then add your Domain (here).

Do it yourself:

Step 1: Add your domain to your site settings page (here).
Step 2: Add the following DNS Records.
Note: This may take over 1 hour to activate
(Check out the step by step video guide below)

@  A
www  CNAME

*No not use Forwarding or Frame Forwarding. Use DNS Records only.
*For a security certificate ( https): please visit
*DNS changes can take between 1 minute and a few hours to update.

Or, let us do it for you:

Step 1: Create a Support Ticket with Visura
Step 2: Include the login credentials to the website where your DNS is hosted, this is typically where you purchased your domain name. We encourage you to set a temporary password for this job.
Include the following information:

• Login URL
• Username
• Password
• Domain (

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