Project Privacy

Visura Projects have two independent privacy paradigms:

  • Visura Archive, Profile & Search Results
    (Private | Public | Exclusive)
  • Your Portfolio Website via the Site Builder
    (Shown in menu | Hidden | Password Protected)

Visura Archive, Profile & Search Results

Private: Hidden from Visura members and not indexed by Google / Search engines. Projects URL can be shared for private viewing.

Public: Available to all Visura members and indexed in Google search results.

Exclusive:  Only available to Visura Editors via your Profile, Search and Visura Exclusive Archive.

Your Portfolio Website via the Site Builder

When Creating a page on the Site Builder will see options for “Show in Menu” or “Hidden Page” – this will determine whether users can find the page when they visit your site. Hidden pages can be shared via their direct link. To find the direct link, edit the page, then click “view page”.

Both pages set to “Show in Menu” and “Hidden Page” can be password protected for extra security.

Hidden pages are not indexed by Google and other search engines.

Keep in mind the website settings are independent of Visura Archive settings.

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